DipSprayer™ System and Base Kit

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The DipSprayer™ System and Base Kit includes all of the tools and accessories that you will need to Dip your car. Choose any of the Spray 50 Canada gallons to create a complete kit.

Base Kit includes:

  • DYC Turbine - 50% more PSI and increased CFM over old 3500 turbine. Finer atomization for a finer, smoother finish.
  • DYC Sprayer - Includes the DipTip™, a needle designed of a specific size and shape to further increase atomization of Dip, resulting in a much smoother finish over the standard 3500 needle. Rear of gun locks in with the DYC Quick Connect Hose, allowing gun to rotate 360 degrees and locks in place to avoid hose popping out during use.
  • DYC Quick Connect Hose - 16.5" long, smooth bore (to reduce air temperature) and extremely durable. Hose is kink and impact resistant.
  • DYC Spare Parks Kit - Includes all items that may eventually need maintenance or possible replacement on your spray system. A spare gasket, 2 spare needle seals, a replacement air filter and a needle removal tool are all put in your hand from day one.
  • PreWash™ - Use to wash your vehicle before your begin the Dipping process.
  • PreDip Spray™ - Always use before Dipping! The specially formulated prep spray designed to get your vehicle's surface ready for Plasti Dip® application.
  • Gallon Blender - Attaches to any household drill to allow perfect blending of your Dip gallons before use.
  • Cone Filter - Prevents clogging in your spray gun. Can also allow to be used to remove debris, dried flakes, lumps and other dust particles from Dip.
  • Stirring Stick - Disposable wood stir stick - great for stirring Dip.
  • Blue Painters Tape - Recommended for masking off your car during the application process. Painter's tape won't leave behind sticky residue and is easily removed after application.
  • Dip Washer™ - The only way to wash a Dipped car or Dipped parts. Specialized washing material designed specifically to make contact with Dipped surfaces - won't leave fibers, get sticky, or ruin your Dip.
  • Micro Fiber Towel - Use when applying Dip Coat Protective Spray™ or for drying dipped parts after washing.
  • DYC Window Decals

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