DYC DipSprayer™ System

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This is the world's first sprayer system specifically designed to spray liquid wraps.

Designed from the ground up by DipYourCar.com with the backing of Earlex®., advancements and enhancements were made to the entire system to provide a better user experience, and smoother finish.

System includes:

  • DYC Turbine - 50% more PSI and increased CFM over the old 3500 turbine. Increased PSI and CFM translate to much better atomization and a finer, smoother finish.
  • DYC Sprayer handle - Includes the DipTip™, a needle designed of a specific size and shape to further increase atomization of dip, resulting in a much smoother finish over the standard 3500 needle. Rear of gun locks in with DYC Quick Connect Hose allowing gun to rotate 360 degrees (to avoid twisting of hose) and locks in place to avoid hose popping out during application.
  • Exclusive 48 oz. Paint cup
  • DYC Quick Connect Hose. 16.5 feet long, smooth bore (to reduce air temperature) and extremely durable. Hose is kink and impact resistant.
  • DYC Spare Parts Kit. Includes all items that may eventually need maintenance or possible replacement on your spray system. A spare gasket, 2 spare needle seals, a replacement air filter and a needle removal tool are all put in your hand from day one.
  • Gallon blender/mixer. Attaches to any household drill to allow perfect blending and mixing of your dip gallons before use.

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