DYC Advanced DipSprayer™ System and Base Kit

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The Advanced DipSprayer™ System and Base Kit includes all of the tools and accessories that you will need to Dip your car. Choose any of the Spray 50 Canada gallons to create a complete kit.

Kit includes 2 Needle Seals and 1 Gasket.

Benefits of the Advanced System over the Standard DYC DipSprayer include:
- 5.5 PSI (almost double that of the standard DYC DipSprayer Turbine)
- 40 foot powerflex hose - Increased power, atomization and product flow
- Produces an even smoother, higher quality finish

This system is designed to receive power from a standard, North American 120V 60Hz AC power outlet. International customers may attempt to use adapters, however there is no guarantee the unit will function as designed.

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