DYC Advanced DipSprayer™ System

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The Advanced DipSprayers are currently backordered. 

A more powerful, upgraded version of the standard DYC DipSprayer™. This system is designed for Professional PD Installers and our serious DIY customers.

Benefits of the Advanced System over the Standard DYC DipSprayer:
  • 5.5 PSI (almost double that of the standard DYC DipSprayer Turbine)
  • 40 foot powerflex hose
  • Increased power, atomization and product flow - Produces an even smoother, higher quality finish
System Includes:
  • 3 Stage DYC Advanced Turbine system
  • DYC Sprayer handle. Includes the DipTip™, a needle designed of a specific size and shape to further increase atomization of dip, resulting in a much smoother finish over the standard 3500 needle. Rear of gun locks in with DYC Quick Connect Hose - allowing gun to rotate 360 degrees (to avoid twisting of hose) and locks in place to avoid hose popping out during application.
  • Exclusive 48 oz. Paint cup
  • Gallon Blender/Mixer. Attaches to any household drill to allow perfect blending and mixing of your Dip gallons before use.
  • DYC Quick Connect Hose. Approximately 40 feet long, smooth bore (to reduce air temperature) and extremely durable. Hose is kink and impact resistant.
  • Includes 2 Needle Seals and 1 Gasket

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